International Christian English Camp


19-26 Aug 2024




1789 PLN (7 days)


"Zielona Polana"Łączki, PL

Join us!


English is a practical language so we speak English all the time. Don't think about rules, tenses and fears. Enjoy your mistakes. English is fun. English is cool!

Make Friends

Everybody makes friends at the camp. Some friendships are for days, some are for life, but having a friend is always good. Learn from Harry Potter!

Discuss Big Questions

We are not afraid to talk about anything: God, life, death, freedom, love, sex, internet, parents, loneliness, anything. No topic is too serious, no question is too stupid.

Make Mistakes

It's not a school. You are not another brick in the wall. There are no grades, no classroom, no punishment. Mistakes are necessary for efficient learning. Enjoy them!

Check out how we got on at our camp in Ukraine in 2023!
Who Are We?
It all started with a podcast about the Bible and life by Martin Lechowicz. We were listeners, then we became friends. Now we are coworkers running many educational projects. We promote friendship, entrepreneurship, courage and happiness. Last year, we helped organise a youth language camp in Ukraine. This year, we host our own.

What do we offer?

  • English classes and activities
  • Accommodation and meals in beautiful surroundings
  • Supervision by a skilled and happy team
  • Insurance, safety and all legal requirements

OUR team!

We're all different. Some young, some old, some from East, some from West. Some like chocolate and some like strawberries.

We share this: we do what we love and we love to be happy.

Martin is the boss. He has 15 years of experience with English camps. Speaks 4 languages, plays the guitar, rides motorcycles, runs podcasts, writes books, and programs computers. Lives in Chesterfield, England.

She studied at University once but prefers learning by travelling the world, meeting people and working. She has worked with children in Poland, Germany, England, and Spain. She's fluent in four languages and lives in Chesterfield, England.

She has co-organised more youth camps than even the captain himself. Travels as much as possible and has definitely British sense of humour. She's a great fan of her hometown. When she's not on the road, she lives in Wrocław, Poland.

She loves people and the piano. Also fast cars and God. Her native language is the language of music, and she’s a master. Plays piano professionally and has vast experience with voluntary work. Performs worldwide and currently lives in Lublin, Poland.

Tomek, Łukasz, John, Ada, Kuba, Karol, Weronika, Daniel, Ola, Michał. All volunteers, hand-picked by the Captain. All happy and skilful, with interesting stories to share, good English and a great understanding of what teaching is all about. Most of them were born in Poland, but live and work in various parts of the world.

IT's better than professional.
It's personal.

Got Questions?

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