More about the camp

No Fear Camp

Starts 19, ends 26 August 2024

12:00pm - try to be there at noon

"Zielona Polana", Łączki 2, 37-750 Dubiecko, Poland

1789 PLN per person

The Christian Youth Language Camp is a 7-day experience of learning, fun, friendship and practising English. We provide the company of unique educators with a wide, international set of minds. All of us speak English in our daily lives, we live mostly in Europe, travel quite a lot and understand more than a few cultures. The camp will take place at the Resort "Zielona Polana", in the beautiful corner of south-east Poland.

We're a small organisation based on volunteer work. It allows us to manage our projects efficiently, keep our staff highly motivated and offer prices lower than large corporations. We run only one camp per year. It is not mass production, it is handicraft!

Who is the Camp For?

For anyone who's no longer a child but not quite an adult, looking to improve their English and conquer their fears. If you like to watch films in English, sing songs in English, and chat freely with people from around the globe, the camp is for you. And if you look for opportunities to talk about life, faith, tough choices, scary future or modern-world dilemmas, you'll like the camp even more. The camp is an opportunity for anyone who is fearful but wishes to be fearless.

How Do We Teach?

Please understand: we do not prepare students for passing exams. We want you to speak good, fluent English and not be afraid of talking. The method is simple: natural, practical immersion. All our activities are in English. Our prime objective is to get rid of fear, so it doesn't stop your natural curiosity and joy of learning. We are not infallible teachers, campers are not passive students. We are not "sirs" or "professors". There are no grades and no tests. You're free to ask anything and you are welcome to make any mistakes. We'll show you how to be your own teacher, how to motivate yourself and how to use modern tools to learn efficiently - and be happy about it.

It's A Christian camp - what does it mean?

"Christian camp" means that the camp is run by Christians. It sounds all serious, but we are just a group of friends who believe in God and the Bible, and also in freedom and having fun. We are not part of any church or religious organisation. We strongly value individual freedom and encourage anybody to find his own path in life. What we share between us is that we have all made a decision to follow Jesus in our lives. This has resulted in much joy and openness, so we naturally want to share it with others. We are happy, so we like others to be happy too. Teaching English, making friends, sharing our stories, and having lots of fun at the camp is our way of expressing joy and thankfulness. That's the reason we are all volunteers and that's why enjoy helping with camps.

Camp Schedule

19 August 2024

The camp starts at 12:00 PM

It starts with registration and a lunch. Then we'll get to know each other, play games, talk a little and divide into groups. Dinner is at 7:00 PM, and then there is an evening meeting. Don't worry, you'll have all the information you need.

20-26 August 2024

A Typical Day at Camp

These days will feature English lessons, workshops, games, discussion groups, and much more.

9:00 - Morning exercises (move a little)

9:30 - Breakfast

10:30 - Reading Time

11:30 - Learning Time

14:00 - Lunch

15:30 - Fun Time

16:30 - Workshops

17:30 - Conversation Time

18:30 - Dinner

19:15 - Activity Time

22:00 - Lights Out

26 August 2024

Official Camp Ends

Time for goodbyes. We'll have our last breakfast together, spend a few more hours as friends, and then it will be time to go. It'll be sad, so don't forget to exchange contacts! The camp may end, but life is just beginning and friendships live on forever.


  • Daily English language activities, exercises, conversations and challenges
  • Creative workshops: music, improv, competitions, DIY, and more
  • Use the swimming pool and all available facility attractions under the supervision of our staff
  • New friends (real offline people!)
  • Sports, games, activities, quizzes, challenges, races, movie nights, and some craziness, which you might think it's nothing special, but then you try it and then you're surprised how cool it was
  • Bonfire nights with everything imaginable to roast (please don't eat leaves)
  • Secretly telling jokes in the rooms after lights out
  • Singing (and playing) music led by the most cheerful symphonic pianist camp director that ever was
  • Excursions around the area (it's one of the most beautiful areas in Poland)
  • Endless possibilities for new, fantastic, unexpected activities that our creative campers will come up with